The Township of Caendryl was founded on the Sonoma Shard nearly two years ago surrounding the mystical Shrine of Spirituality in Felucca. Surviving and prospering through the good times and the bad, peace and war, the Township has held strong due to the determination and teamwork of each and every citizen who make up the community. The Township itself consists of over twenty structures including shops, inns, taverns, a stable, and more.

Yet, what makes the Township of Caendryl come alive are the wonderful shopkeepers and citizens who spend their time working and living within the township, while helping one another reach goals and spreading their own knowledge of the realm. Make sure to visit the Township in-game, and don't forget to take our unique Tour of Caendryl.

The Township of Caendryl can be found surrounding the Shrine of Spirituality, due north of Trinsic. Following the public road out of Trinsic, head towards the three-legged guard tower and then strike west.

Interested in becoming a citizen or a shopkeeper? Join us!

Or if you just have a few questions about the community, please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

(Caendryl is not a private guild or club, and there are no requirements for joining the community. Just remember to have fun and respect others.)

Jon Adkins
Michael Vincent
Michael O'Rielly
Jon Adkins
Erek Yedwabnick
House of Caendryl
Jaybird - structure
Lady Deko - monetary
Ian the Bold - structure
SexGoddess - rare relic

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