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 [10.04.00] #caendryl on Stratics.net IRC

Posted by Lord Forsythe at 10:52 AM 10/4/00

Township IRC is still active and will serve as a medium to communicate as we work on finishing up the website. Those of you with Operator status, please be available in #caendryl whenever possible.

You can find #caendryl on the Stratics IRC network. As always, profanity or any other unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated in the channel.

 [10.03.00] Township Rebuild & Reorganization
Posted by Lord Forsythe at 10:46 PM 10/3/00

The merchants of our fine Township have been ever-silent since the first invasion of Minax and the following battles with other evil forces. It is time for this unfortunate state to retire into the history books and allow a new era for our community to arise!

Within the next few days, an application area will be available to those merchants & shopkeepers who wish to setup shop within Caendryl. Also look for new updates regarding the Township's progress.

 [10.01.00] Site Receives Major Overhaul
Posted by Lord Forsythe at 10:41 PM 10/1/00

After several months of being shut down for renovation and a few technical problems, the official Township of Caendryl website has been re-finished and is now online (a few sections are still being completed at this time).

Those of you who have HTML talent or wish to apply to be news updaters, etc, please e-mail webmaster@caendryl.com, for additional information.

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